After decades as a successful graphic designer and marketing communications director in the

mad-paced Southern California business landscape,

I turned my attention to fine art. I moved to the Central

American country of Panama and I now live on the side

of a volcano in the midst of lush jungle textures and colors.

I am influenced heavily by my local surroundings. As a painter in the contemporary and abstract style, I am also a process artist. I invite people to experience the process of the work: to see every stroke, every mark,

​every color choice, every line.

Process, materiality and physicality is what speaks to me.

​As an “experiential artist”, I currently choose to work in both the encaustic and the cold wax/oil paint mediums.

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Encaustic is hot beeswax melted with resin and color pigments to form the paint. I apply many layers of the hot, molten paint on a wood support, fusing each layer to the underlying one with a torch or heat gun. This produces a painting that can never fade, since the colors are permanently locked in the wax/resin. Encaustic is fluid, which allows my message to subtly change as I'm creating it. The luminosity of the medium allows for a painting with many layers, evoking many stories and inviting touch. Viewers are much more involved with a painting that can be touched as well as visually enjoying the sensual experience of encaustic.

Pellets of beeswax are mixed with natural solvents to create a "mayonnaise-like" consistency. This cold wax is then mixed by the artist with pigments to achieve a cake frosting-type of consistency. It's fun, sensual and joyous!

The cold wax/oil paint process allows for more time to to explore, change and complete my message. Because its drying time is longer, I am allowed the freedom to try new techniques, to develop new directions. Both encaustic and cold wax mediums take me on elaborate, colorful journeys.

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Cold Wax

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